Centreless Grinding Services

centreless grinding is a process that removes materials from an object through abrasive grinding and cutting. Unlike traditional grinding, the material that is being worked on is not held in place by a spindle but secured between grinding wheels thus, centreless grinding. The grinding wheels rotate at predefined speeds which set the speed at which the unwanted material is removed or cut out.

centreless grinding services

This process is used to finish off metallic products that are used in different industries including the construction industry, aerospace, marine, agricultural, automotive, medical, scientific, power generation, water distribution, research and development and many more. It is therefore a great contributor to the economy. Given the importance of these services, it is paramount for every service provider to ensure that all their services are of a high quality.

Centreless grinding machine types

There are different types of machines that can be used including the Taper grinding machine, precision bar grinding, plunge grind machine, through feed grinding machine, multiple diameter grinding machine and in feed grinding machine. The services provider has the freedom to choose the type of machine they need to service their client needs especially in the wake of financial constraints. However, a service provider may have all the machinery to expand their market.

Advantages of centreless grinding machines

The machines used can be loaded much easily and faster than the traditional grinding equipment. In addition, if the parts being worked on are small in size, they can be loaded in large quantities. Subsequently, this saves a lot of time and energy which can be utilised for other jobs. Since work can be loaded in large quantities, the efficiency of this grinding process is much higher compared to OD grinding machines. This also means that these machines can grind larger quantities compared to traditional grinding machines in the same duration.

Extra information about centerless grinding

Compared to OD grinding, centreless grinding produces higher quality materials as it has the ability to achieve the smoothest surfaces, achieve a greater degree of straightness as well as tighter dimensional tolerances. In addition to this, they can be used to grind both delicate materials as well as hard materials with accuracy and precision. It can also be used to grind items with different shapes and diameters meaning that the service provider does not need to stock different machines to cater for different shapes or diameters. Another great advantage is the ease with which people can learn how to use the equipment. This means that it is easier to induct and train new employees which minimises the risk of injuries.

The maintenance of the equipment is also easier with centreless grinding equipment compared to OD grinding equipment. With efficient use, the equipment can serve the company for a long period of time. The use of this equipment has and continues to revolutionise the industry. Slow grinding services and long waiting periods should not be experienced in this new era. So the next time you require grinding, ensure that you work with a service provider that has modern equipment.